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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

pestcontrolDo you have an Ant infestation throughout your home? Are you spotting cockroaches scurrying under the furniture? Critter Control of West Palm Beach offers professional and affordable pest control services that will rid your home and your life of all those pesky pests.

We understand that it is easy to feel violated when your home is lurking with creepy bugs and insects. That’s why our pest control experts at Critter Control of West Palm Beach work hard to get rid of the pests. We’ll have your home feeling safe again in no time.

What We Do

When you call our company, we’ll promptly send a pest control specialist to your home to assess the problem. We ask for complete cooperation from you and will need access to all potential pest-inhabited areas. These could include the following:

  • Doors
  • Closets and storage areas
  • Crawl spaces and attics
  • Basements
  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen/pantry
  • Equipment
  • And more

When our specialist arrives at your home, they will perform:

  1. An Inspection: During the initial visit, our specialist will do a complete inspection of your property. Using state-of-the-art technology, he will check for entry points, leaks, and cracks as well as search for breeding sites to eliminate the root of the problem. The specialist will provide you with a detailed evaluation showing the results of the inspection.
  2. Home Treatment: Treatment options are determined based on the inspection results and may include sealing entry holes, vacuuming insects, applying a pesticide, and more. Our specialist will recommend a particular course of action and outline our effective and affordable programs in order to control current problems and prevent future pest infestations.

Future Pest Prevention

Our team of professionals seeks to prevent further pest infestations by eradicating the following:

    • Pest reproduction
    • Potential pest access, shelter, and habitat
    • Availability of food and water for pests

Customer education is important to us, and we’ll teach you how to manage environmental factors such as temperature, light, humidity, atmosphere, and air circulation to prevent pests from taking over your home in the future.

Lifetime Warranty

If you’ve received animal removal and exclusion services from us, we offer a free lifetime warranty on those specific repairs as long as you maintain regular pest control services. Maintaining services with us allow us to monitor the exclusion sites over time to ensure no damages leave your home at risk for future animal or pest invasion.

You shouldn’t have to share your home with pests. Let’s make your house a home again by getting rid of the nuisance. Schedule your free home inspection today!